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Plastic Shipping Containers

Plastic Shipping Containers

Reusable shipping, distribution and storage containers are ideal for use in order picking, closed-loop distribution, and storage applications. Tri-core offers a myriad of options for shipping containers with integrated lids for safe and secure shipping or storage of all manner of different products.

Browse our product lines or download our Plastic Containers CatalogPlastic Containers Catalog
Plastic Containers Catalog

Size: 2.27M

New TR34S Container New TR34S Container
New TR34S Container

Size: 456.18K

New Freezer PansNew Freezer Pans
New Freezer Pans

Size: 449.14K

Plastic Hand Tote - 100lbs carrying capacity
Plastic Hand Tote - 100lbs carrying capacity

Plastic Hand Tote

These plastic hand totes have a capacity to hold 100 pounds of fish. These containers are used across North America for a variety of fish such as: salmon, cod, herring, shellfish, prawns, crab, etc.. The plastic containers are food grade, industrial strength and are 31"  x 18" x 12" high. They are designed to stack full and nest when empty and the manufacturing colour is blue. There are 69 containers to a pallet space.

Stacking and Nesting Containers

All the stacking and nesting containers are made of industrial strength and are food grade.  These containers are compatible with each other that makes for easy shipping, handling and storing.  

Most Popular Containers

11052 is used mainly for groundfish and shellfish and dimensions are 23.62" x 15.75" x 11.81" high

11034 is used mainly for shrimp, prawns and scallops and dimensions are 23.62" x 15.75" x 11.87" high

Stacking and Nesting Container Baskets
Stacking and Nesting Container Baskets
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