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Plastic Insulated Fish Totes and Handling Containers

Plastic Insulated Fish Totes and Handling Containers

Tri-Core Plastics Containers Ltd. has been supplying all manner of commercial fish totes, quality plastic insulated and non-insulated containers (food grade quality) for the past 35 years. All of our products are food grade quality to handle the toughest environments. Our plastic products include various sizes of single and double wall fish totes, shipping containers, handling boxes, trays, collapsible pallet boxes, tote boxes, food grade shovels,  plastic  retort divider sheets, poly freezer trays and liners to the fishing and food industry throughout North America.

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Plastic Retort Separator Dividers: spec sheet

Pallet Box TR34S Container: spec sheet

Custom-Sized Freezer Pans: spec sheet

Fermentation Wine Vat Flyer: spec sheet

Company Profile

Specializing in fish totes, handling containers and equipment, Tri-Core serves the Pacific Coast of North America including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California, as well as shipping world-wide.  Tri-Core is the largest plastics processing manufacture specializing in double walled insulated fish totes and plastic products in the lower mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia.  With its head office and main distribution just 10 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), customers can receive their shipments promptly. Its research and development service can produce specialized products to suit a variety of manufacturing and commercial needs. As an added service, Tri-Core can supply fish totes and containers marked with the ownerīs name or other identification marks using the embossing process or router as well as manufacturing in your company colour scheme.

Customer Service

We serve our customerīs needs and where our versatility allows us to customize plastic containers to meet our customers needs.  Our products are easy to stack and nest for shipping, and fork liftable for storage which is a valuable aid in maximizing warehouse space and utilizing vehicle capacity efficiently.  All of our containers are constructed from hybrid resin, durable industrial food grade plastic in various color combinations to withstand the toughest environments.  Having this superior product helps speed up handling and eliminating the risk of damage to contents by crushing and melting. The fish processing containers stack safely and securely on pallets, in the warehouse and on vehicles, whether empty or full. They are designed for handling manually or by forklift and other mechanical equipment. They can be fitted with a wide range of extras to extend their use and efficiency.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Like every branch of the food and fish industry caring for your product in a proper way is essential for success and Tri-Core plastics pays attention to quality and detail manufacturing of all its plastic products and fish totes.  A major consideration in an industry where effective hygiene and disease control are of the utmost importance and a feature which helped make them the solution for the food and fish industry.

From harvesting and storage to processing, the difference in getting the top dollar for your product is determined by the quality. Whether it's salmon, trout, herring, pilchard, anchovies, mussels, geoduck, clams, crabs, prawns, shrimp, halibut, black cod, tuna, squid, tilapia, but no matter the species, one factor remains the same. For producers getting the product to market  alive, fresh and in the best condition possible is what Tri-Core plastics assists its clientele with their expertise in the plastic manufacturing sector.   Our insulated fish totes and containers help to ensure that your products get to market in top quality and in the best condition possible.

Our Full Range of Products

Roe Basket

Our Full Range of Products

Insulated Totes


Freezer Pans


Custom made for your fish product. Freeze your offal bottom fish, Salmon, etc. We can do short runs with very inexpensive moulds. These are an example of a few sizes:
tote boxes
plastic containers

Retort Separators

Our best-selling plastic retort divider sheets are used by companies throughout Alaska and all over the world. What makes the retort divider sheet stand out is their superior impact strength with the use of hybrid resins that have been demonstrated in use for many years within the fish processing industry.  

The TRI-CORE separator has a naturally smooth surface that makes retort loading easy without waxing or soaping. Seamless construction allows for simple cleaning. TRI-CORE offers a circular retort separator in both standard and custom sizes.

SIZE: 36” x 39”
Custom sizes available in 48” maximum by any length. TRI-CORE PLASTICS offers a rectangular retort separator in standard and custom sizes.

• Heat resistant
• Non-conductive
• Easy to clean
• Will not scratch cans
• Available in all standard sizes
• Will manufacture square or round custom sizes
• Outstanding flexibility
• Meets FDA specifications

Screens available in various hole sizes. The seamless all-plastic retort separator is made from tough, durable polypropylene, which is heat and corrosion resistant. Long hours of trouble-free service will reduce operating costs in food processing.

Prawn-Crab Container

Holds 15-18 lbs live
freezer trays

Keep It Cool!

freezer trays
Defrosting/Chilling Containers

A simple and direct solution to the problems of long chilling and defrosting times, the Defrosting Chilling Container allows water and compressed air to be pumped in through the nine spouts molded into the containerīs base. The whirlpool effect reduces the thawing time by 50% and results in a fresher, superior product. They are supplied with easy-to-use stainless intake valves for the quick connection of any combination of air and water.

fish handling


Single Wall Tote

Industrial Containers

Fish Boxes

The Heavy Duty Stack & Nest Container offers the highest capacity in the Stack & Nest Series. This heavy duty tote is equipped with sturdy stacking posts which offer secure stacking capabilities. Turn the totes180° and the containers Nest to offer compact storage. This container is manufactured from 100% Virgin FDA HDPE Material. The smooth interior design allows for easy cleaning which makes these totes ideal for many applications including the fishing industry.
tote boxes

Stack and Nest Series

Available in both vented and solidStack and Nest Containers are perfect for distribution and food processing applications and are available in several sizes.

• Solid & Vented Styles
• 180° turn for either stacking or nesting
• Constructed with FDA approved materials
• USDA approved design


Fishing Products




Jumbo Lugs

fish handling



NEW TR-343

One of the newest, strongest containers on the market. Made from high impact Plastic. Food grade and smooth interior for easy cleaning. Forkliftable four sides entry, rotating pallet bottom. Great for fish, poultry and wine fermentation. Comes with snap on lid, stacking with or with out snap on lid.

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tote boxes

Plastic Freezer Trays


NEW !!

Alaskan Fish Processors have been using these poly sheets for years. Because of the “Good release of Fish” the Americans switched from Aluminium trays to Poly sheets. (Aluminium tends to adhere the fish to the tray.)

Custom made to your specs in plastic H.D. Poly Sheets have a -55 degree working temperature. These poly sheets are “Food Grade” and come in white as well as custom colours of light grey, light blue, etc.

Standard thickness: 1/8” to 3/16”.

Custom Size with either 4 sides up or one side up and one side down
Note: Coloured trays will stain less than white.
*We will also custom manufacture to your original tray size.

Shellfish Container

24” X 24”X 8.25” (LWH)

• Holes on sides and bottom for maximum water flow
• Durable in extreme weather or water conditions
• High profits/fastest growth time
• Economical and practical
• Used to grow extra small to jumbo oysters and other shellfish
• Stacks can be lowered from rafts or used for growing on beaches
• Lids Available
• 100% recyclable

19”X13.25”X 4” (LWH)

• Will stack and nest with 180 degree turn
• Containers will nest at a ratio of 4:1
• Ventilation slots on sides and bottom
• Name may be hot stamped on one or both sides
• U. V. stabilizer is available to aid in preventing deterioration of plastic
• Freezer safe
• Lid available with ventilation slots
• 100% recyclable

Custom Plastic Freezer Liners and Wine Vats

tote boxes
We also offer agriculture plastic containers in all sizes of fork liftable and hand totes for field and tree picking, road side stands for potatoes, asparagus, blue berries, mushroom, grapes etc.  The totes are good for fermentation wine vats DX335 and we supply the toughest plastic containers in the world.  Our new inventory also includes a full supply of Wine Making Tank and Supplies. In addition, we provide custom manufactured products to meet our customers needs. We ship insulated wine fermenting tanks and containers can be nested for ease and cost savings for delivery anywhere in North America.

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