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DX335..258 USG / 993 L..35 cu/ft
DX335..258 USG / 993 L..35 cu/ft

Wine Making Supplies

From the vineyard to the cellar, Tri-Core manufactures a broad range of products to improve wine making operations and lower costs. Tri-Core manufactures portable plastic bulk containers including vats and barrels for maturation and fermentation processes, so wine & spirit makers can match the right container with their unique process requirements. Tri-Core also manufactures a complete line of material handling bins and insulated containers for both storage and transport applications. Our totes are good for fermentation wine vats DX335 as well we supply some of the toughest plastic containers in the world.  We have a new inventory that includes a full supply of wine tanks and many sizes of barrels.

Fermentation Wine Vat Flyer  Fermentation Wine Vat Flyer  
Fermentation Wine Vat Flyer  

Size: 588.50K

We also offer Agriculture Plastic Containers in many sizes of hand totes for field and tree picking, road side stands for potatoes, asparagus, blue berries, mushroom, grapes etc.  We  can also provide custom manufactured products to meet our customers needs.

Please refer to catalogue for a complete list of products.

Plastic Containers CatalogPlastic Containers Catalog
Plastic Containers Catalog

Size: 2.27M

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