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Plastic Fish Tote

Plastic Fish Thawing Tote

Tri-Core offers a wide variety of commercial fish totes. Available as insulated double-walled containers or non-insulated containers with or without lids.

View our Plastic Fish Containers CatalogPlastic Fish Containers Catalog
Plastic Fish Containers Catalog

Size: 2.27M

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 New 2018 Plastic Retort Separator Dividers New 2018 Plastic Retort Separator Dividers
New 2018 Plastic Retort Separator Dividers

Size: 7.67M

Pallet Box TR34S Container Pallet Box TR34S Container
Pallet Box TR34S Container

Size: 456.18K

Insulated fish totes and containers are the result of more than three decades of innovative research and development.  Now our double-walled containers are ready for the most extreme weather and usage conditions in the toughest environments. On board, or on the plan floor, these containers are ready for processing, storage and transportation of a wide variety of fish and food products.  They are stackable with or without lids, and can be three-packed for easy empty return.

Made with medium-density polyethylene, these food approved containers can be rotated and are easy to clean.  Design features include drain hole and a slot for plug storage and the reinforced base with centre beam allows for versatility in handling.  The DX660, DX327, and DX335 can also be used for transportation of dry ice.

What ever product you´re shipping, the objective is to deliver it fresh.  All our durable, double-wall and foam filled insulated containers provide excellent temperature consistency and keep your product cold up to 5 days when properly iced.

Fermentation Wine Vat Tanks

The DX335 totes are good for fermentation wine vat tanks and we supply some of the toughest plastic containers in the world made to withstand the toughest environments.

View our Fermantation Wine Vat Tote Flyer Fermantation Wine Vat Tote Flyer
Fermantation Wine Vat Tote Flyer

Size: 588.50K

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Off Loading Tub
Off Loading Tub

Dump Tubs

The dump tubs are available in two size the :

DT250 is O.D. 31" X 42" X 22" high
DT350 is O.D. 31" X 55" X 22" high


Food Grade
Easy to clean
90% nestable
Color and stenciling optional

TT 851
TT 851

Single Wall Tote TT851

Single Wall Fork Liftable Totes

These single wall totes are available in standard 1,000 pound capacity or a heavy duty, 1,500 pound capacity. This tote is 90% nestable and stacks 3-high with the lid while protecting your products 100%.

The dimensions are:
OD 48" X 42" X 29" high

The TT 851 is used for:

    Field Agricultural Harvesting
    Processed Food


    Food Grade
    Easy to clean
    One-piece construction
    Anti-jam stop at bottom
    4-way fork-lift and pallet jack entry
    Molded in legs
    Lid included

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