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Aluminum Carts

We supply a variety of aluminum freezer Carts for a variety of different uses.

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Plastic Containers Catalog

Size: 2.27M

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Custom Freezer Tray
Custom Freezer Tray

Freezer Tray - Easy Fish Release

Plastic freezer sheets custom made specially formulated to go as low as -55 degrees Fahrenheit in your freezer.  Because of the good release of fish on plastic, many commercial processors have been switching to this great product. These plastic sheets are food grade and come in white as well as light blue.  The  standard thickness is 1/8" - 3/16" and is custom sized to fit your racking system.

New Freezer PansNew Freezer Pans
New Freezer Pans

Size: 449.14K

Aluminum tends to adhere the fish to the trays. A comparison would be like the old style aluminum ice cube trays, that made it so difficult to get the ice out. With plastic you just have to twist the trays to release the product.
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